Get a New Used Car Today

I buy and sell pre-owned cars

Not only do we rebuild and repair all types of vehicles, but we also buy and sell pre-owned cars. If you're in need of new wheels, come down to the Built Not Bought Shop. I would love to help you find the right car for the right price.

Here are the top five reasons to buy a pre-owned car:

  1. Pre-owned cars cost significantly less due to instant depreciation.
  2. Pre-owned cars are more reliable now than ever before.
  3. Pre-owned cars typically cost less to insure because of depreciation.
  4. Pre-owned cars now come with vehicle history reports to reduce risk.
  5. Pre-owned cars cost less in taxes than new cars.
Purchasing a pre-owned car is a great investment. Visit the Built Not Bought Shop soon to look over our selection of vehicles for sale.

Check out our complete inventory

Check out our complete inventory

The Built Not Bought Shop carries an inventory of five to ten cars at any time. You can choose from a selection of cars, trucks and SUVs. If you don't see something you love, we're always purchasing and restoring new inventory.

Visit my shop today to purchase a reliable vehicle from a local shop you can trust.