About Built Not Bought Shop

I have a 60X60 shop that I built by myself which took me over 3 years to fabricate and construct. Now it is more than equipped to work on all of your vehicle and welding needs at a price that no one can beat based on the time and dedication I put into each and every job I work on. Give me a call anytime.

I've been doing mechanic work on cars trucks for years. I've also been welding and fabricating metal using MIG or stick for 18 years as well. I have built a jeep a chevy k10 and a chevy s10 all from the frame up. I've done everything from top to bottom on them myself. Now in between, I've done a lot of other welding projects as well as mechanic jobs. If you need something fixed or welded message me and I can give you a price to get your job completed. Starters, alternators, brakes, power steering, shocks, struts, tune-ups, oil changes, transmission tune-ups, driveshafts, u-joints, tie rods, ball joints, a-arms springs, fuel pumps, ignition, coils, belts, hoses, etc. Just getting my shop going so I can't take on huge frame-up jobs at the moment because I am only one man. Message me for pricing at builtnotboughtshop@gmail.com